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  • What is VOO?
    VOO is a mart in an app; selling your daily needs, from sweets, salties, snacks, drinks to many other essentials conviniently and as fast as possible We store products in our VOO Fulfilment centers covering your area. So when you make an order through our VOO app, we pack it and deliver it straight from us to yours.
  • How to make an order?
    First you need to download VOO app for free from your mobile app store. Complete your registration, start adding the products you need to the cart then checkout using your credit card or pick cash on delivery. Once you place the order, we pack it and deliver it really quickly to your doorstep.
  • Why VOO?
    We provide you with the daily convenience products that you may need anytime with few clicks that makes VOO app easy to use. We store over 800 products in our Fulfilment centers coverning your area so when you make an order, we pack it and deliver it real fast without unnecessary pickups form any third parties and without any hidden cost.
  • Where does VOO deliver?
    We are currently serving Sheikh Zayed, Zamalek and Dokki. More locations will be opening up soon as we are expanding
  • Can I make an order and ask for a later delivery time?
    Unfortunately not, we pack and deliver any order immediately.
  • What is VOO working hours?
    Currently we are open daily from 10 a.m. until 2 a.m. keep following our social media channels to know more about extended hours in certain days
  • Can I edit my order after its placed?
    Unfortunately, you’ll have to cancel your order and place another order with the correct items.
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